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IP Telephone

Design, implementation and maintenance for various telephone systems to suit your preferred method of communication.

IP Public Address

An innovative digital platform is used to publicly schedule and announce directive or recreational data in any working environment. It can be connected to other security systems such as CCTV and Fire Detection.

IP Access Control

The most recent and reliable access control technology to regulate who can access what anywhere at your premises. It can be connected to other security systems such CCTV and Fire Detection.


Full consultation, integration and deployment of digital video surveillance systems to keep your building and employees safe.

IP Fire Alarm

More advanced than any other fire alarm company, our range includes intelligent smoke detectors, sounders, manual call points and control panels.

TV Systems

Our TV distribution systems include SMATV, MATV and IPTV. Our focus is on a crystal clear picture and the best reception quality possible, whether you’re in a high rise building or open plan office


An advanced technology that gives everyday objects smart and connected functionality. Reinventproducts, services and more.

IT Infrastructure

We are familiar with Saudi architecture and understand the requirements of different industries. Our IT infrastructure solutions will keep all systems, hardware and software organized and secure.

IP / PoE Lighting

High quality and energy efficient lighting for your home or business.Cost effective and bespoke solutionsincluding smart technology

Smart Building Systems

A technology that knows no limits, smart buildings connect to a range of subsystems to keep everything running smoothly. Leads to a safer and more productive environment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI adoption will enable clients to take full advantage of the collected data leading to a priceless business insight that will automate processes hence increasing income and profitability.

Big Data

Big data helps in maximizing data value and accomplishes targeted goals with data analysis. Our qualified teams will be able to assist clients to adopt comprehensive big data strategies, implement big data processing activities and manage big data platforms.


High adoption of the remote working regimes by the SMEs and large enterprises contributed to increased network security threats. Protects all kind of data and information from being hacked and/ or damaged with Moja Wasia Cybersecurity solutions

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