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Lighting is now connected…

While LED lights transformed the lighting industry, the surrounding infrastructure had not changed. That is, until the adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE) for lighting networks.

PoE allows the transmission of electric power and data over a single ethernet cable to power devices such as IP telephony, IP cameras, and IPTV, as well as lights.

What is PoE Lighting?

In simple words, Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting is powered, controlled, and managed via a low voltage, DC current ethernet cable. As a result, PoE lighting is more efficient and safer than traditional lighting systems that require AC electric wires and AC to DC transformers.

So, does this mean that we can eliminate the use of traditional copper electric wires to light our space? Yes, we can

PoE lighting allows you to intelligently operate LED lights, controllers, and sensors that can perform actionable analytics. This will enable you to accommodate the needs and preferences of occupants through a centralized, comprehensive system. Even if your building consists of several rooms, floors, or blocks, you can have full access and control of lighting networks from one console.

What makes PoE lighting different?

PoE lighting can provide benefits beyond just light. The most important ones are:

  • Cost Savings.

One of the most significant benefits of PoE technology is cost savings. PoE installation and configuration are much more straightforward and less expensive than traditional lighting networks. Operating and maintenance costs are also lowered over the course of the PoE lighting lifetime.

  • Ease of integration with other building systems.

PoE lighting can be integrated with other networked building systems. HVAC, security systems, door access systems, and many others can all be connected. This allows facility managers to have a truly integrated system within their premises.

  • Data Analytics

Data can be transmitted both ways via an ethernet cable. As a result, PoE lighting systems can not only send data and commands to related devices but also collect data from sensors, providing helpful insights that can further reduce cost and create opportunities to improve occupants’ productivity

  • Enhance Safety

Since the PoE lighting system uses category (CAT) cable instead of traditional electric cables, the chance of a fire being caused by the lighting system is virtually zero.

  • Security

PoE lighting solutions are IP-based, which makes your lighting not only smart but ensures a high level of security as all communication is encrypted.

We at Moja Wasia are excited and thrilled about our new partnership with CABSY, a pioneer in PoE Lighting solutions.